VIDION is a Video Platform to Make Money for Everyone!

VIDION provides a transparent and secure model of real-time mutual settlements for news outlets, professional journalists, and eyewitnesses. VIDION brings together consumers and contributors and guarantees fulfillment of obligations for both parties. VIDION content consumers include news media, television companies, and corporate clients. Taxes, high operating costs, transaction fees, lack of a straightforward rating system is what makes regular commercial content platforms inefficient. VIDION smart contracts guarantee transparency and openness of the system, thus solving one of the primary issues of interaction between the consumer and the contributor: communication.

Vidion is a platform to make money for everyone!

Video journalism is one of the areas of activity that will benefit significantly from the spreading the blockchain technology and IT. To become a journalist, pulling a smartphone out of your pocket, absolutely anyone can. At the same time, around any person there is a continuous flow of events that may be interesting to millions of other people, network users, etc.

If you look at the news feeds, among the most viewed and vividly discussed events are regularly present state initiatives, accidents and catastrophes, the riot of the weather, the intimate details of famous people, etc. Five years ago, an ordinary person, witnessing such events and capturing them on a camera, at best could show video to relatives or place a hype video in a friend’s stream, collecting likes. The Vidion project provides tools for making money on such unique and interesting content to anyone, whether it’s a news hunter, their creator or an occasional witness.

Vidion is not an analogue of youtube. This is a functional blockchain platform where the efforts of a civilian video journalist will receive fair market rewards, and copyrights will be respected on an unattainable level for a centralized video giant. For this it is sufficient: record a video which will be interesting news for the audience or a commercial video; upload it to the platform and announce an auction for the media; wait until the end of the auction and sell the content at the best price.

This is a simple and very effective scheme, which has proved its success in fair pricing.

It is important to understand that so far civil, non-professional journalists have not had the opportunity to provide security, to observe the guarantees and fairness of payment for content. In fact, until today the market belonged to the media, dictating its conditions. Now, with the spread of blockchain technology and its adaptation in journalism based on the Vidion platform, decentralized, fair management of journalism (including civil) has become possible. Due to this the freelance correspondent receives:

  • The possibility of anonymous provision of content - no one will be able to track the author, if he does not want it.
  • Guarantees of payment for work - the content buyer (media) puts its reputation in the Vidion system, if it does not pay for the work.
  • The possibility of own growth as a professional within the system when providing demanded content, which will affect the ranking and the size of the rewards.
  • Preservation of copyright - the blockchain keeps all history and does not allow it to change.

The growth in numbers of Vidion correspondents opens unlimited opportunities for the market of independent content, including the prospects for creating its own Internet TV. Vidion creates a universal platform for journalism and related fields (training, equipment sales, research of opinions, etc.), which anyone can apply for their projects.

Another advantage of the project is its fast implementation. The road map implies a time-short transition from the initial fundraising (ICO) to the release of the first version (December 2018) and a full-fledged launch in 3-4 quarters of 2019.
In conclusion, it should be noted that the viability of the Vidion platform is also confirmed by the implementation of similar projects in Russian cinema. Here are the famous actors and directors K. Habensky and F.Bondarchuk are implementing blockchain projects according to civil financing film production where any person can participate on fair basis.

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