November 1, 2018

November 15, 2018

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The Instance App, as an aggregator of services, provides a robust platform for gig economy workers looking to ply their services with minimum fees and zero start-up costs.

The Instance App allows consumers to browse, review, compare and evaluate credible service providers, coupled with a platform that lets them visually connect in real-time, elevating trust and comfort.

The Instance App has a REAL and GROWING marketplace after having launched in Taiwan in early 2018, and subsequently in Malaysia in the second quarter. It is a viable, and PROVEN business concept. Several drivers point to the continual demand for Instance:

  • Services are a fundamental need of all consumers throughout their lives
  • Instance is the answer to low cost start-ups aspiring to have a digital presence and a global audience
  • Instoken eliminates the shortcomings of traditional payment modes providing a true global currency for consumers and service providers

To accelerate the growth plan of Instance and to seed the network with Insta, the Distributor will be issuing Insta in a token generation event (the “Token Generation Event”). Insta will be a fully transactional, stable token for transactions on the Instance App, build upon the Instoken platform.

Instance Inc, established and based in Singapore, is the parent company of Instance App, a mobile app that connects customers with service providers across the globe. Instance utilises live streaming as the primary mode of service delivery for real time, no fuss transactionsbetween customers and service providers. It is the closest thing to having someone show up at your doorstep.

Search from an eco-system of services across the globe. Service providers are rated and reviewed by past customers for a truly genuine experience. Call and connect with service providers with the touch of a button and ask all the questions you need. No typing. No waiting for replies. No delays.

Instance helps you keep a digital record of all transactions and conversations. You can use it for personal review, share it with friends, and eliminate any potential dispute or miscommunication with service providers.

For would be entrepreneurs, the Instance marketplace empowers freelancers or small start-ups to promote their services, skills or talents online and gain access to customers anywhere in the world from the comfort of home with zero start-up costs.

Company highlights:

  1. Instance targets a huge and growing trillion dollar industry for service providers.
  2. Instance is one of the first in the world to provide video streaming feature and blockchain technology for global service providers.
  3. Instance version 1.0 was approved and listed on the Apple Apps Store in January 2018.
  4. In 1Q2018, Instance established collaborations with Taiwan and UK distributors, as well as Hong Kong Listed entity Creative China, with extensive mobile marketing experience for expansion of Instance App into the PRC market.
  5. In June 2018, Instance completed its Series A fundraising, attracting a US$2million investment from Creative China (8368.HK) and China PE at a valuation of US$16million.

Our current ICO aims to raise a Hardcap of US$20million for the development of blockchain solutions to power the Instance App and marketing costs to deploy the App globally.

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