Internet of People

October 1, 2019

November 10, 2019

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ICOs Description

IOP (Internet of People) is building a highly comprehensive technology stack encompassing a decentralized identity management system for p2p communication and social interactions. The stack is modular and will create a restructured version of the Internet where data is decentralized with the users instead of being centralized on the platform they are using. This creates an open social graph that is not owned by any single entity. The IOP stack is the only solution on the market that is decentralized and does not entail any residual gatekeepers or access hurdles.

IOP will revolutionize several major industries: Identity and Access Management, Cybersecurity, RegTech, Data Integration, Social Networking, Peer-to-Peer Content Delivery, and Research & Science Universities, with a current estimated market value of over 650 billion USD. IOP will provide access to proof of identity, credentials, and ownership to billions of underserved people.

Cryptographically secured identifiers stored on blockchain allow users to control all aspects of their online identity. Instead of relying on email addresses and passwords, IOP uses cryptographic addresses as “phone numbers” for fully encrypted P2P communication that can integrate with any underlying network.

IOP is far beyond a simple whitepaper vision: In fact, we have already developed and advanced the stack over two years, and the technology is now being prepared for the market. The project is set to finalize major partnerships with universities and is now ready to grow on a large scale.

This IEO is a golden opportunity to jump on the bandwagon of a project ready for scaling. A project that will disrupt the whole online identity market whilst changing the Internet as we know it.

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