October 15, 2018

December 15, 2018

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Have you ever had difficulty choosing a product, hotel room, service, ICO or Cryptocurrency to invest …? At such times, you willing to know the opinion of the user, thus to read and view their reviews of the product or service is the good way. And giving them a tip to encourage if the assessment is supposed to be good. Or you can get a reward simplely when you just tell your feelings about a movie, a song or a book, etc…if it is satisfied. A comprehensive, we are giving all the tools to lead you make money completely.

iReview is the platform for reviewing based on Blockchain technology. The biggest difference is that we share all our profits with the community. We use the AltHash Blockchain HRC20 smart contracts to create our own token called ReviewCoin (RVC). The amount of RVC will be seen as iReview’s share.

In other review sites, you do not receive any cost while they earn profit from their business such as advertisement, product commission and business contracts,etc. Especially, you and us are being win-win partners when you participate in our review platform. We will provide a RVC as a thank for your review. This RVC will also be used by the companies to pay for the reviewer or advertising costs. Users can tip for excellent reviews, buy - sell on exchange or keep to receive dividends.

The most interesting part is Proof of Shareholding. Anyone are holding a token in account will be given a profit based on their shareholding percentage. Expected net interest will going up to 10%/month. The Dividend distribution date will be announced monthly when we release the beta version. The AltHash Blockchain platform helps iReview make that happen. We will enter to an audit contract with a third party and use AI Tools to make sure everything is transparent. iReview is committed to community reviews. Therefore, the RVC token is being more scarce and value increasingly.

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