November 30, 2019

February 28, 2020

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KABN’s mission is to create a world-class suite of products and services that support the decentralized market economy, globally enabling consumers to take control of their digital identity and personal data, connecting them with traditional and digital services and loyalty platforms. KABN believes that ownership of identity is a basic human right and individuals should be the primary beneficiary of any use of their identity.

The KABN Network is an integrated suite of financial services that includes the Pegasus Flyte Visa Card, an approved digital currency-linked prepaid Visa card and multi-currency banking wallet; KABN KASH, a robust loyalty and engagement program and the network anchor, KABN ID, a patent pending, Always On, GDPR compliant, blockchain and biometric based, identity verification and validation platform. KABN ID is a free to use service for consumers and provides continuous monitoring and proof of identity online and in conventional marketplaces.

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