Kriptotrackers Token

July 22, 2019

August 22, 2019

ICO Information

ICOs Description

Kriptotrackers is a collaborative project whose purpose is to reduce the risk for investors interested in blockchain, by tracking the characteristics that give value to each project showing the result of the follow-up in a simple way to interpret.

Kriptotrackers KTS, is capable of monitoring the meaningful aspects of cryptocurrency fundamental analysis. The results of our development will be summed up in a smart dashboard feed by our indicators that provide a sneak peek of the projects that have the best projection in the Blockchain environment.

Once we have obtained the data,we will assign evaluations of the project. The first will evaluate the current performance of the project and the second will evaluate its potential performance, this will be done monitoring Economic,Blockchain, Community, Innovation and Development aspects.

Kriptotrackers is desveloped for investors, developers and communities.

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