August 8, 2018

October 6, 2018

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The Platform for Mass Blockchain Adoption

Platform to Build and Connect the Decentralized World

KryptoPal is a development platform for mass Blockchain adoption. It helps developers to bootstrap Blockchain development by providing free infrastructure with full nodes, live multi-purpose smart contracts and a suite of fully developed APIs. Developers can build different types of applications and connect to the decentralized world easily. Our platform can be used easily by blockchain and non-blockchain developers. Beta version is tested in various hackathons and ready to be used the moment we launch our ICO.

When the KryptoPal platform is used for an existing application the application is instantly connected to the Ethereum blockchain and with the other applications in the global network.

Usage of our platform is limitless

Developers, entrepreneurs, and businesses can use our platform to build new applications or enhance their existing applications utilizing blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. These applications can range from custom wallets, ecommerce, IoT, POS, and many other dApps. There are 6.5 Million applications existing today and our goal is to empower them with necessary tools to bring blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies mainstream. Join our journey today.

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Legal Compliance and Safety

KryptoPal is a Swiss-based company with an office in Zug, Switzerland, known as the “Crypto Valley” of the world. Basing our business out of Switzerland gives KryptoPal the benefit of operating in the most protective and matured business environment. KryptoPal has obtained a “clearance” letter from FINMA in advance of our ICO.

The future is in your hands, contribute to the decentralized web.

Enable the World to Create a Decentralized Network by Participating in Our Token Generating Event

KryptoX is KryptoPal’s ERC-777 digital utility token created using the Ethereum network. The token will be distributed to crypto users globally to be used to create payment channels and loyalty tokens without fees.

A key to our success is that KryptoPal will have a product ready for market soon after the crowdsale, driving adoption of our utility token early enough that its usage will create intrinsic value and override the speculative factor in the pricing of the token. This will be achieved by engaging everyday developers to use the KryptoPal platform and build blockchain enabled projects, onboarding B2B clients to integrate with the KryptoPal platform, and engage end-users of the KPX utility token.

KPX is a utility token that can be used to pay for fees, services, products etc., on a global network of interconnected applications, websites, POS systems and devices. It is an integral part of the platform that can be utilized by consumers to access premium API features, create their own loyalty tokens, and/ or transact in real-time through micropayment channels.

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