April 25, 2019

May 31, 2019

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LexRay is the world’s only decision-enabling mobile platform that empowers organizations to their run operations from anywhere. For the last decade, LexRay has been the leading innovator in sophisticated solutions for both government and private sector entities.

LexRay Blockchain endeavors to build an open-source decentralized marketplace to connect decentralized applications on the Ethereum network to the existing LexRay Mobile Operations Platform and LexRay Mobile Client. We aim to increase the adoption of blockchain technology and the Ethereum network by providing our customers with access to the LexRay Decentralized Marketplace.

This enables mobile operators to tap into decentralized applications, services, and infrastructure on the Ethereum network and the Web3 stack, andecentralized trustless secured backend to the Internet. LexRay’s unique and unmatched mobile technology is intended to enhance operational efficiencies and integrate systems on mobile devices to access real-time information from anywhere in the world.

LexRay’s patented technologies allow integration of high-end solutions in the fields of biometrics, facial recognition, drone connectors, artificial intelligence, computer aided dispatch, digital identity management, security systems, and other high-tech applications. Our customers include major law enforcement agencies, county jails, NFL, MLB, entertainment venues, transportation agencies, ports/maritime, educational institutions, hotels and casinos.


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