October 30, 2018

July 29, 2019

ICO Information

ICOs Description

LivePod is a Blockchain-based end-to-end encrypted creative content live chat and video broadcasting platform. LivePod is built on a decentralized (P2P) lean video transmission technology, running without expensive infrastructure.

LivePod is a video distribution platform that provides services to you at a much lower cost. We merge Skype, YouTube and a live webinar platform – all at a fraction of the typical cost, on blockchain.

We will give you:

  • Monetization platform for your output, whatever your content is.
  • Two-way video communication including chat and pay-per-view
  • Complete privacy and security on a decentralized P2P network

The Industry Problem that LivePod Solves:

While the number of video content providers is exponentially growing, monetization opportunities for them are emerging only very slowly. Typically, incumbent infrastructure providers will charge content providers up to a hefty 50% or more of their income. This naturally undermines motivation. Creative content providers are all looking for alternative ways to make money from their talents and businesses. The privacy scandals swirling around big media companies like Facebook remind us about the vitally important matters of security and privacy.

An innovative, flexible, inexpensive and secure technology is needed to better serve content providers to enable them to monetize their talent safely. This is LivePod.

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