October 8, 2018

November 8, 2018

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MELIOR.AI is a research, development and solutions provider with its own Machine Learning & Deep Learning models and competitive e-commerce products, delivering the benefits of AI to businesses of all sizes, affordably.

We are raising $5-20 million via token sale to commercialise our existing products and advance our exciting development pipeline. Our payment ecosystem has been designed to ensure that MEL token-holders benefit directly from all corporate success.

Melior has already developed its own Machine Learning, Neural Network and Deep Learning models and aims to open up the opportunities presented by AI in the marketplace to all businesses, not just those powerful enough to take control of the space. Melior’s extensive research has focused on (reusable and multi-purpose) Natural Language and Image Understanding.

We are committed to continuous research and development, learning, expansion and growth. Our future focus will include Voice Recognition and Autonomous Agents. We will continue to generate products that benefit many industries including the Internet of Things, Education & Training, Healthcare, Finance, Commerce and Marketing & Analytics.

Melior develops exceptional chatbot and conversational interface solutions for all business needs. Its intelligent, innovative, products can navigate a business’s catalogue rapidly and also perform accurate image searches as part of the conversation.

Melior’s research has developed exceptional core AI tools via intricate training, data usage, transfer learning and knowledge sharing to create models that respond in a more authentic way leading to a better user experience.

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