February 28, 2019

June 28, 2019

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Supported by Marketkaps (Corporate finance & ICO) and Chaineum (ICO&STO Advisory, blockchain strategy), the French company launches its ICO to develop the first web TV platform dedicated to sports clubs and athletes, powered by blockchain. MyTVchain’s mission is to help sport clubs generate more revenue from their content, build brand loyalty and accelerate growth in the development of sport club channels. We are building a new model where sport clubs and viewers transact directly on the blockchain, removing the need for intermediaries. MyTVchain evolves around three main concepts (helping sport clubs finance their activities, giving back to them the value from their content and generating growth for sports clubs) which aim to change their revenue management to switch to a new era of value creation for sport communities. MyTVchain allows sports clubs to create their web TV and engage with their communities (fans, supporters, friends and families) while generating additional revenue to grow their activities. Unlike most ICOs, the MyTVchain platform is already up and running ( and sports clubs onboarding has started with first reference such as AS Monaco female soccer club, French Federation of Fitness, French federation of hand-ball. MyTVchain has also signed a partnership with French local Olympic committee in the south of France representing 16 000 sports clubs and 1M licencees. Combining MyTVchain with blockchain allows the community to claim control of their content and create value out of it. Users (MyTVchainers) are rewarded with tokens for each video watched and shared and can choose to donate some of their tokens to a club of their choice, purchase services from other web TVs (subscriptions, video purchases, etc.) or even reward filmmakers based on the quality and content of their videos.


Xavier Gesnouin – President :
François Le Page – CEO :
Junior Bouis – COO :
Florin Novac – CTO/Blockchain Expert :
Olivier Kleindienst – Business Model strategist(Marketkaps) :
Benjamin Ricard – Marketing Officer :
Teodor Alexandru – Full Stack Manager :
Andra Ioana Lazariuc – Full Stack Developer :


Laurent Leloup, Blockchain Guru :
Hervé Liberman, Regional Olympic Commitee (South of France) President :
Frédéric Jouve, Former CEO Sharks Antibes :
Eric Alexandre Ceret, CEO & Founder Jetcoin :
Anthony Thiodet, Sports marketing expert :
Laurent Drelon, France Fitness Federation President :
Alban Villani, Regional Managing Director CRITEO :

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