October 1, 2018

December 31, 2018

ICO Information

ICOs Description

Native is a platform for designing community-based economies on the Ethereum blockchain.

Need To Know:

—Native Platform launches on Mainnet on October 1st with 5 launch communities

—Native Token is a utility token fully compliant with SEC

—All Native community tokens harness the Bancor Protocol for instant liquidity

Deeper Dive:

Native is a platform that enables communities to realize their inherent value through unique community currencies and collective decision-making tools.

Native-based community currencies have several functions - including membership, transactions, and voting rights. Additionally, the governance features enable collective decision-making abilities including choosing which community projects to fund and which policies to adopt.

Each community currency on Native is integrated with a decentralized liquidity network. This ensures instant convertibility between any two community currencies in the network at fair market value, as well as convertibility to currencies external to the Native ecosystem.

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