January 18, 2019

June 25, 2019

ICO Information

ICOs Description

Nebluro is an online and global decentralized exchange with artificial intelligence where you can buy, sell and trade your cryptocurrencies for other assets.


  • List & Do your own Token based on Nebluro´s blockchain.
  • Cloud Storage Wallet: A safe and secure wallet to store all your cryptocurrencies
  • Hardware Wallet (Coming on Q4 2019).
  • Live trading support thanks to our bot with AI, which will guide you through our website or doing your transactions.
  • Supporting up to more than 40 different cryptocurrencies.
  • Several languages support.
  • Low fees among other cryptocurrency transactions.
  • No fees among transactions for NBLR tokens.
  • High liquidity.
  • Rewards for users who trading using Nebluro´s exchange website.
  • Capability of creating your own token thanks to our cryptocurrency blockchain token.
  • Online secure wallets for each cryptocurrency.

Nebluro is working and completely disrupting the current way that investors and companies buy, sell or trade cryptocurrency assets, solving the main problems such as:

  • 2FA: Two factor authentication provides an additional security layout for your account, helping to address the vulnerabilities of a standard password-only approach. We do not store your 2FA, so once you lose it, we can not help you to restore it.
  • 3FA: Three factor authentication is only available for our hardware wallet (coming during Q4 2019- Q1 2020). Get the full control of your assets. This authentication provides any biological traits the user must confirm it for log in by the scope of biometrics such as retina scans, iris scans, fingerprint scans, finger vein scans facial recognition or voice recognition.
  • Hardware wallet integrations: Supporting up to 10 different cryptocurrencies.
  • Multi cryptocurrency trading exchange: Supporting up to 80 different cryptocurrencies.
    IP Whitelist: Recording all the IP´s where you access from.
  • Anti phishing alerts: Avoiding scams.
  • Withdrawal confirmation emails: Like a second factor authentication, you will need to approve each transaction from the email you get registered on Nebluro´s website.

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