April 6, 2019

July 6, 2019

ICO Information

ICOs Description

We live in an era with significant influences from social media. The millennial group is key growth segment for businesses of all type. 84% of them are influenced by online reviews before making a purchase. Yet, 47% of Canadian small businesses do not invest in social media marketing due to lack of time, money, or expertise. This significantly reduces their competitiveness against other bigger companies with larger budgets.

Nodis aims at solving the social media marketing pains through our unique Challenge system. Business can post a Challenge on our platform for people to participate. An example of a Challenge could be “take a selfie in front of our store then post it on your social media”.

Upon proof of completion is submitted by the Challenge participant, all users on the platform can vote on whether it meets the event criteria. Both approved participants and voters on the majority side will be rewarded with NODIS tokens.

NODIS tokens are designed to exchange for products or services voucher on, which users can redeem at local stores. It is a unique rewards program embedded within the Challenge system.

Blockchain not only gives Nodis the ability to create our own cryptocurrency, but it can also transparently decentralizes validation of Challenge submissions. This is Nodis’s unique value proposition to create ultra-high exposure for small businesses. They will gain exposure at the Challenge participating level and even more exposure when people on the network vote for the submission proofs.

User Benefits

For Business:

  • Increases online exposure through Challenges and voting
  • Increase traffic from voucher redemption
  • Start for free with 1 Challenge a month

For Challenge Participants:

  • Vouchers from local businesses can be easily redeemed at store level
  • Challenge can be a fun social events to do with others
  • Earn cryptocurrency easily through a non-technological way

Token Details

  • NODIS token can only be bought by GAS tokens from the NEO blockchain with a minimum purchase of 50 GAS.
  • Each NODIS token is worth 0.1105 GAS.

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