July 30, 2018

August 30, 2018

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We are at the start of the blockchain boom, which is leading to an explosion of mining infrastructure. With this comes many challenges to cryptomining.

Crypto-mining consumes large amounts of electricity, and crypto-farms are often limited in their ability to adapt to local changes in the pricing structures of energy markets. Once built, crypto-farms are fixed to that location and the associated energy transmission costs.

With global trends changing so quickly, traditional crypto-farms lose competitiveness. By being stuck in one location, they are at risk of losing out to energy pricing changes, as well as being governed by local monopolies which can limit favourable electricity prices in the long term. Crypto-mining operations are often forced to make trade-offs to operating efficiency and scale, so that they can hedge risks associated with geographical and political factors outside of their control.


NordCoin’s Mobile Mining Containers wrap up the difficulties of individual crypto-mining processes and transforms it into a simple, straightforward service. We believe that future crypto-mining operations should be decentralized, mobile and independent from any single government, as well as placed in a region with a surplus of electricity production.
Our Mobile Mining Container technology helps to mediate hash rate, cost of energy and cost of space, which typically affects the profitability of crypto-mining operations. Our self-contained, remote-controlled, crypto-mining solution is based on a standard 40ft freight container which can be transported anywhere in the world in pursuit of optimal mining conditions.


Our Mobile Mining Containers have 24hr manned security, video and audio surveillance, with only authorised personnel having access to the mining territory and equipment. Security is our priority.

Always monitoring

The NordCoin technical team monitors your investment around the clock, while alternating mining strategies to the most profitable ones. Automated monitoring software ensures performance with no downtime.

Rent mining power

The NordCoin token (NRDC) entitles token holders to rent cryptocurrency mining power from NordCoin Mining. Crypto-mining results shall be forwarded to clients in various known cryptocurrencies.

Fully flexible

Our all-in-one Mobile Mining Container allows us to move our containers to the most profitable locations, as well as ensuring we can scale as needed. Once the power is plugged in and there is an established internet connection, we can start mining operations automatically.

Outperform conventional mining

Mobility, modularity and scalability together with cheap electricity assure competetive advatage compared to traditional small scale crypto mining.

The stable democratic governments and favourable climate conditions of the Nordic countries offer one of the best markets for any crypto-savvy investor, particularly where MMCs provide the flexibility of a mobile crypto-mining and data centre service. NordCoin’s technology-driven, intelligent and scalable business model provides an excellent opportunity to get involved in the evolution of the blockchain infrastructure.


NordCoin MMCs are built within standard 40-foot shipping containers. The container is modified to include modular racks for housing and powering crypto-mining units and to ensure optimal mining performance within a wide variety of configurations as well as climate conditions.
The Nordcoin Mining team has developed the Mobile Mining Container (MMC) based upon a clear set of development principles and guidelines:


In every phase of NordCoin crypto-mining process security is the highest priority. MMC deployment locations have 24h manned security, video and audio surveillance. Only personnell authorised by NordCoin have access to our mining territory and equipment.


Our all-in-one MMC provides and ensures location independent scalability.


Electricity acquired directly from the source ensures fixed low price and no downtime.


Once the power is plugged in and there is an established internet connection our MMCs start mining operations automatically.

Cooling optimization

While our operation is based in chilly Estonia, NordCoin has been able to design a highly-efficient cooling system for the MMC which adapts to any climate.

Technical Description Of The Mining Container
40ft DC Standard Marine Container
Housing: 240 Bitmain Antminers or similar
Power supply: 300kw adjustable according to mining requirements
Cooling power: 13000 litres per second
Maintenance: remote maintenance for configuration of mining units (mixture of custom and off-the-shelf software)
Security: on-site security including video surveillance, air temperature and humidity sensors
Ambient temperature in the container: 15-30c
Ambient humidity in the container: 25-45%RH
Uptime: 99% uptime
Hashrate example: one container housing 240 Bitmain Antminer L3+ provides 120 GH/s (± 2%)


A NordCoin token (also referred to as NRDC) entitles those who hold it to rent cryptocurrency hashing power from NordCoin Mining OÜ. Each NRDC token can be used to rent a fraction of the aggregate hashing output (across all algorithms) proportional to the total number of NRDC tokens acquired as part of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Nominal Token Price
1 NRDC = 1 USD

Total Token Supply
Max. 12,900,000 NRDC

Hard cap
10,965,000 USD

Soft cap
1,000,000 USD

Tokens Generated
85% Token Holders
10% Founding Team
3% Advisory Team
2% Bounty

Use of Proceeds
90% Purchase and Deployment of Mobile Mining Containers (MMCs)
7.5% Development
2.5% Administration

Bonus Structure
Day 1-5 10%

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