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July 20, 2018

August 20, 2018

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One Game is a decentralized virtual world built on top of blockchain technology, the first of its kind. One Game has no predefined gameplays, game design, or objectives, and is an open gaming and creation platform owned by creators and players, allowing for creators of varying skills to create their own reality in this world. One Game offers considerable design flexibility, ease of use, and tremendous creative freedom along with community based decentralized governance.

Unlike traditional and centralized gaming companies, One Game is a decentralized world controlled by and evolves with its community. The fruits of its community’s labor in this virtual world accrues to the One Game community, not a centralized company. To this end, One Game introduces two sets of consensus algorithms integrated into the One Game source code, Proof of

Popularity and Proof of Competitiveness, in order to create a decentralized measurement for developers and players, and to give the participants voting power based on individualized scores that reflect their contribution to One Game ecosystem.

By contributing to the development and evolution of One Game, developers and gamers are rewarded with the in-game utility 7 tokens, OGT, which allows them to further participate and to trade in the economy of One Game.

Players can connect to the One Game world through a PC client, VR headset, or mobile device, supported by a base layer infrastructure and engines driven by a cryptocurrency ecosystem.

With the participation and creation of individuals, One Game will become the Oasis, as described in Ready Player One. The boundary between the real and virtual world will disappear as the virtual world can evolve and potentially surpass the real world by the incorporating of intelligent design and artificial intelligence.

Finally, One Game evolves over time through system upgrades and is governed by decentralized consensus. This will be explored further herein. At this time, One Game will provide a framework of fundamental components that enable the creation of the virtual world based on a framework roadmap. One Game will also release three products (Avatar Wallet, Open Platform, and the Master Game), as planned in the product roadmap, to serve as application examples and to inspire the community into building even better applications.

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