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September 12, 2018

October 12, 2018

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Orch is a self-evolving quantum safe multicomputation and cryptocurrency infrastructure that is engineered to survive the deep future, even tens of thousands of years from now. Orch is a privacy preserving platform with built-in zero-knowledge multi-party computation capabilities. And unlike traditional blockchains, Orch is powered by StarCash, an infinitely scalable evolutionary decentralized permissionless blockchain federation that’s unforkable. Orch is the only truly unforkable generalized public decentralized platform designed to power Turing-Incomplete (safe and secure) smart contracts, decentralized software engineering and scalable functionally encrypted multicomputation dapps concurrently in realtime without relying on global statefulness.

Orch is a scalable anonymous communication and cryptocurrency project that pivots on true decentralization. Orch uses peer-to-peer randomly selected users-miners of StarCash blockchain federation that enables billions of transactions per second and do not have any network latency making it one of the fastest realtime blockchain infrastructure ever designed. There are no special privileged miners-only category in Orch. All users running Orch nodes are equal and miners are selected randomly thus making Orch less vulnerable to centralized authorities across the globe. The need for a hyperfast private zero- knowledge proof cryptocurrency that keeps payer-payee and payment data private and secure along with a decentralized scalable multicomputation platform can’t be overemphasized.

Because Orch is a realtime unforkable blockchain, it can’t practically be forked and it’s technologically enforced. Not enforced by some crappy govt regulations or US patents which neither China or Russia would respect. So any dapps built on it can potentially can monopolize its game unlike those running on top of traditional forkable blockchains. Plus token buyers/investors of Orch (ORC tokens) may reasonably expect much higher RoI and valuations as unforkablity is bullish for them while forkable tokens are bearish in the mid to long-term as anyone can replicate their hard works just by forking it.

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