November 30, 2018

May 31, 2019

ICO Information

ICOs Description

Renew Network is creating an amiable platform for techbased business people. The project is meant to profit
business people of different practices and location to transact businesses, get interest-free business loans, invest,
learn, earn, become business oriented, trade currencies, trade products, etc.

Another part of it is that partners (members that wishes to partner with RenewNet) can propose to serve a need for the community for a period of time by writing a proposal based on the need discovered.

RNC tokens shall be used for all transactions on the RenewNet platform. RNC tokens are open to all (can be accepted for transactions on any platform that carries out transactions that are not illegal) and can be integrated
through the API on the official website i.e. There are provisions for using some RenewNet services on other platforms.

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