November 1, 2018

November 30, 2018

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Sendy is a fundamental transformation of email marketing through decentralization and incentive alignment. Our core mission is to give users ownership over their own emails and redistribute email marketing value by placing an ascribed worth on subscribers’ attention.

Through a platform agnostic API, Sendy improves engagement rates for email marketers by rewarding subscribers through assigning micro payments to their email interactions. As a subscriber, you get paid for your attention and by placing a real value on your interactions, email marketers are incentivized to improve the quality of their campaigns leading to less spam and more emails you want to recieve. It’s like Brave/BAT for Email.

Once tokens are adopted through the API, Sendy tokens will incentivize a peer-to-peer email protocol that gives you back ownership of your email data, instead of centralized conglomerate services like Gmail and Outlook owning it.

At launch Sendy will be integrated with existing email companies, SmartrMail and Sendicate. With over 7,000 paid users and sending 1 billion emails per year to 72 million subscribers – Sendy will have immediate scale and offer a frictionless way for consumers to earn cryptocurrency, accelerating mainstream adoption.

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