The FARM Token

November 15, 2018

November 30, 2018

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Ever wanted to be a venture capitalist and make deals with companies like billionaire Mark Cuban? Then here is your chance!!
Join the revolution of empowerment by being a part of the FARM Ecosystem.

Why food and beverages? They are relatively low risk are very structured, easy to scale and with one network one can launch many products. Look at coca- cola they have a network where they can launch sugary drinks, snacks, healthy drinks, coconut water and even plain water without much effort!

We want to be the coca cola of crypto where our community has a say and ability to recommend innovative food companies. We review the companies, their products and financial statement and depending on their potential we will invest and partner with those promising companies and help them scale and launch into new markets though our network.

Value for you:

As our partner companies grow – so will the value of the ecosystem.

How? The tokens are limited, and they deplete with usage (10 % burn out when used within our network). And as companies grow and scale their value increases which results in increase in the value of our portfolio and that will directly drive the price of the token up! Ever heard of soda stream? Pepsi paid 3.2 billion to acquire them- Ask your self this question – Today how many crypto companies have a market cap of 3.2 Billion dollars?

Also, one need not rely on exchanges for liquidating the tokens – you can easily use the tokens as currency to buy goods at a discount from our partner companies – that way you will have peace of mind!

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