February 1, 2019

June 30, 2019

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The Elephant introduces the first security token backed by shares of the most promising private companies around the globe. Our mission is to open the door to investments in shares of the world’s most auspicious, important and interesting private companies (unicorns & high-profile companies), prior to their liquidity event.

The platform enables shareholders of pre-IPO companies to sell their shares prior to a liquidity event and for investors to invest in such shares through dedicated partnerships represented by Digital Tokens. By tokenizing equity rights of the most promising private companies around the globe, we make it liquid at all times.

Unlike most cryptocurrencies, our PEC and Dedicated Tokens are tied to real-world financial assets – shares in private companies, with independent expected (though speculative) ROIs. This means that a Holder can, on the one hand, enjoy an increase in the value of the PEC or the Dedicated Tokens but at the same time he or she does not depend on it to generate a profit. Even in the event that the value of the PEC decreases, it does not affect the rights of the Holder to participate in Dedicated Token Offerings or the rights to revenues from the Platform. Likewise, even in the event that the value of the Dedicated Token decreases, upon an IPO or Exit of the Target Company the Holder will enjoy the returns regardless.

By tokenizing the equity rights offered on the Platform:

  • Blockchain and Private investors gain access to attractive investment opportunities by investing in equity-backed tokens representing shares of well-established private companies.
  • Investors that have yet to join the new economy are offered a less volatile and much more secured and conservative way to get started, by bringing off-chain capital on-chain in stable manner.

Once we are connecting the Blockchain technology to our Dedicated Vehicle Work Model and creating our Token Model our mission is to:

  • Expand liquidity to selling shareholders. Tokenization of illiquid assets may increase their market value by 10%-40%.
  • Open the investment space to additional classes of investors, including the Blockchain-community, with low entrance thresholds.
  • Enable investors to create their own diversified “Pre-IPO Fund”.
  • Provide stability to Blockchain investors while connecting them to equity-backed tokens.
  • Onboard shares of off-chain companies to the tokenized economy.

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