November 1, 2018

February 1, 2019

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TranslateMe is a network of people and machines. The decentralised network will translate anything, such as text to speech recognition, and support all 6500 languages. We aim to bring you a decentralised network that provides results directly to the end user, in an effective peer-to-peer service.

No middle man, no central point of failure. Data collected from millions of contributors will serve as corrections for all the language translations we currently have. This data collection step creates a hybrid between machine and man, to create the ultimate translation solution.

Translation projects around the world are racing to build the best solution and centralise the service, holding ransom to the technology and charging the end user excessively. Each platform invests in one entity and doesn’t share the resources to make a better solution for all.

TranslateMe reduces costs with Blockchain technology and builds an ecosystem that’s for all and built by all. This means all contributions are pooled to a single point of success and the efforts are not divided but united. The project aims at distributing work and wealth the way it should be.

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