March 3, 2019

April 3, 2019

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What we need to be, rather than better, is different. If we can, we need to share what is truly unique about what we do – not compare ourselves to others. So, what is unique about us?

We at Tryvium believe that the answer is the decentralization of the existing travel structure, through our ecosystem both travelers and hotel owners will join together in an unique ecosystem that will also be empowered through the various facets of the system including:

Blockchain Technology

Thanks to Blockchain technology ; our systems will communicate with a globally distributed ledger, where everybody is able to act without third parties, while offering user-centered design interfaces and cutting –edge fees, offering part of differences in price to charity oriented projects.

Tryvium: the ethic booking platform

Using the intuitive and user friendly feature of the Tryvium booking platform, travelers can book everywhere in the world with 0 fees. The Tryvium team is also planning to increase the role of ethics in the hospitality industry. This will be achieved through our plan to donate 5% of the net commission paid by hotel owners to project-oriented charities selected by guest.

Maximizing scarce resources

Through the facility of the transferable future contracts, clinics can outsource these contracts to other clinics that are able to perform the tasks in an even more efficient manner - for instance, due to technological advances. Equally, the patient can also sell these contracts, should the worth have increased or transfer them to friends and family.

Reducing costs

Often when dealing with transactions that transcend borders there can be concerns over exchange risks and transaction costs. However, as the payment will be in one currency exchange rate fluctuations would be removed. Furthermore, due to the technology and eliminating the need of banks, there are only minimum charges for transfers on the blockchain.


The long-term trend, as with many other tokens, is probably for the value to rise and should that be the case, not only would the traveller ultimately receive more benefits for the same amount of tokens, but in case a travel is no longer required, they can sell the tokens for an increased value.


The traveller now has the option of taking control of their travels without middle man services. No longer will they be restricted to travel agencies or other professionals, but have the right, through an user friendly platform, combined with our comprehensive search and review system to make an informed choice and feel the travel as a real experience of life

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