January 1, 2019

February 22, 2019

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VeganCoin is the fuel that drives a global vegan ecosystem. The day-to-day needs of hundreds of millions of people will be met on our blockchain-based, decentralized marketplace. VeganNation alongside VeganCoin will empower humanity to move towards a more conscious and ethical future.

We in VeganNation, share this conviction and strongly believe that a designated coin will not only unite vegans, but empower the community, creating a force to be reckoned with. A strong and united community will be able to have a bigger impact on pressing global issues and make the vegan lifestyle more approachable and attainable.

VeganNation is based on the same set of values that makes up the vegan way of life. These values include, among others, mutual responsibility and respect for the environment, as well as a sense of compassion for all living creatures, and a strong moral compass.

Our blockchain-based ecosystem incorporates these values in an effort to empower those who truly live by them. A cruelty-free one-stop-shop brings Consumers, business owners and even corporates together, all using one cryptocurrency, making it easier, cheaper and safer to trade.

Our mission is to bring the global community together, make veganism more approachable and attainable while empowering each individual member and helping them make an even bigger impact. A united vegan nation will create an international support system and tend to member’s day-to-day needs and aspirations.

Join VeganNation’s global ecosystem by accepting the VCN cryptocurrency, or VeganCoin, as a form of payment for your customers to use. By doing so, you will become part of a unified global effort to increase transparency that will ultimately help support businesses like yours by eliminating animal cruelty and exploitation, improving your bottom line, and helping your business gain additional exposure. Whether your business is a chain or a single storefront, structured online or as a traditional brick-and-mortar, you can be a part of the revolution led by VeganNation.

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