Versus Red

November 1, 2018

May 1, 2019

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Versus Red is the first betting platform for mobile PvP (player versus player) games in blockchain, also called Dapp.

Is a platform based on the blockchain TRON, where you can make bets in different games taking on other players in real time, betting a quantity of cryptocurrency.

Versus Red aims to develop a next-generation platform offering a multitude of games, all free, always with the game mode of confrontation in real time of one player against another, it is known as PvP (player versus player), and multi-platform games, in order for it to work, both on tablets and mobile computers, all programs must be written in HTML5, JavaScript and Solidity.

We are seeing that there are many gaming projects that involve betting: some in eSports, others in roulette, dice, cards, etc. In short, games of chance where people bet on who wins.

In the Versus Red we want you to be the protagonist of your bet, and that the result depends on your skill in the game, taking on other users.

We have created the token, Versus (VSU), which will have a real use for the purpose of making bets via online gaming through the platform and, in addition, for the purpose of buying add-ons or sending to friends.

All bets will have 0 fee costs with our VSU Token, although you can bet with other cryptocurrencies with a small fee.

You will be able to challenge players through the platform itself, Telegram, WhatsApp or other social networks and all games can be played on any device, and in addition will be connected on the same network, which means that a player on a cell phone may face a player from tablet or computer and vice versa.


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