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April 1, 2019

May 15, 2019

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ICOs Description

The idea of creating a crypto currency was formed in the process of development of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) business system. In 2015, the creators turned their attention to Blokchain technology and began to introduce it into their product. At the same time, there was an idea to develop own crypto currency for internal calculations of the system. As for CRM, it can be integrated into any field of activity, from the telephone book to accounting, customer base management and orders of a large company. CRM is secure and cryptically protected. The first CRM will be done on the basis of the Blockchain technology.

Voucher Coin can be used to pay cloud CRM rates based on blockchain technology; to get a discount for paying for CRM services. Also Voucher Coin can be used as a voucher entitles to individual bonuses, promotions and airdrop; ability to mine cryptocurrency;cryptocurrency as an investment.

Voucher Coin is the logical step of developments. The creators decided to entry the crypto currency into general use with the binding to the CRM cloud system.

This will provide a development perspective for Voucher Coin, because unlike the most new crypto currencies it can be used pay for a real demanded product, which in turn will provide a steady growth at exchanges and a stable benefit for the coin holders.

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