September 1, 2018

November 15, 2018

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ICOs Description

Xtock is the first block-chain-based OTC Market financial network platform in Asia. Xtock protocol maintains all activity and sustainability of the Xtock ecosystem. It generates OTC tokens through smart contracts as digitized company assets.

The Xtock platform selects and audits companies to participate through the Xtock Evaluation Matrix (XEM), an evaluation system built in collaboration with artificial intelligence and credit rating agencies. The platform then converts the valued corporate assets into digital tokens. Thus the asset features (centralization) and the contract features (decentralization) of the token are managed separately.

The tokenized corporate assets on the Xtock platform is funded through the Initial Token Offering (ITO) process. Tokens issued by Xtock will create an ecosystem that can be used extensively through Xtock traders, peer-to-peer trading, and community information exchanges.

This will lead to the active participation by various entities including : individuals, companies and institutions.

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