Desire Finance: The Big One

The DeFi universe has been crazy lately with new yield farming opportunities every week, but Desire Finance is about to change everything when they release the DeFi Launcher this coming November. After doing some research on what Desire plans to achieve, we were in awe. We’ve concluded that Desire will be labeled as “the big one” in terms of bringing DeFi to it’s true potential.

Why “the big one” you ask? First off, Desire is launching the DeFi Launcher which will enable almost anybody to develop their own yield farming operation with just a few clicks. Now THAT is BIG. All existing yield farming operations require weeks of coding while Desire is going to streamline that process. This is attractive to new developers who wish to add yield farming to their existing or new service.

Besides yield farming, Desire’s launcher will let users create NFTs and deflationary tokens among other things. The users who develop DeFi tokens on the service can enable DESIRE staking which enables all DESIRE stakers to earn a daily percentage of their DeFi product.

The supply of DESIRE tokens sits at 21,000 and will remain such until a slow inflation process takes place around 2023 where 500 additional DESIRE tokens are minted annually. From our perspective, it looks like the team behind Desire sees 2023 as a crucial year for DeFi as a whole.

How much will DESIRE tokens be worth? We’re confident that each DESIRE token will eventually be worth $10,000 per token within a year and could potentially climb to $50,000 over the next 3 years. These are our lowest estimates as we would love to see DESIRE go much higher than this. Depending on the amount of high quality projects that come out of the DeFi Launcher, DESIRE could eventually topple YFI in terms of market cap.

Desire Finance’s DeFi Launcher is a great thing for the DeFi universe as it will attract hundreds of thousands of new users who are entering the space for the first time. It looks like Desire is here to play a major role in the DeFi space and we’re fine with it as long as it produces quality products over time.

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