Adrealm: Blockchain for a Sustainable Digital Advertising Ecosystem

Why a public chain powered by blockchain for digital advertising?

Wherever there have been human beings selling goods, there has been advertising — or something very much like it. Not only is it human nature to display and promote goods and services, “advertising” and a conspicuous display is found throughout the animal world, and in nature generally. A corollary of this is an exaggeration, misrepresentation, and outright deception. It is unlikely that these things could ever be entirely eliminated from the dynamic. It is worth remembering that the very word ‘advertise’ has Latin roots which communicate turning towards. And wherever there is an X trying to get a Y to “turn towards it,” two things follow: X’s trying various ways to get Y’s attention (including exaggeration), and non-X’s posing as X’s (to get Y’s attention).

All forms of advertising are susceptible to this, and digital advertising is subject to this same dialectic of attraction and deception. But if the basic nature of the problem is the same, digital has brought the extent of it to disturbing and intolerable proportions.

For two decades, the practices, mechanisms, and technologies created by or associated with digital advertising have succeeded in entrenching fraud. The mobile ad sector has not only inherited the pain-points – fraud, low-quality advertisements, and data leakage – but is experiencing them at obscene levels.

The situation is detrimental to the industry, and it has lately raised some fundamental questions about the nature of advertisement and its (in)compatibility with some fundamental human rights such as the right to privacy. The opacity of current practices allows both fraud and moral hazards to thrive to a degree heretofore unknown.

The ultimate results?

Data breach, frauds, low-quality ads, uninstalled apps — loss, and waste.

Moral hazard, loss, and waste are inimical to value-creation, and to all the good things that come from value-creation and which are represented by it. In the long run, no party consistently benefits from a system which is making haste towards its own dissolution.

A vicious circle was set in motion, and it gains momentum every day.

But there is a way out of it. Adrealm believes the intelligent and wise use blockchain technology can affect a genuine and lasting cure.

The Adrealm project was born in early 2018, the result of the extensive experience in the digital advertising industry gathered by its sister companies, Holaverse, UPLTV, and (the “HUA” team). Aware of the above-mentioned problems (which are almost inseparable from the digital advertising industry), the HUA team identified within the peculiarities of the blockchain technology the key solution to bring digital advertising beyond its conceptual limits and beyond the traditional meaning of advertising itself.

The ecosystem rewards honesty and disincentivizes dishonesty. The Adrealm public chain is a high-quality alternative for business security and efficiency, achieved through transparency and decentralization.

Who is the Adrealm public chain for?

The Adrealm ecosystem is designed to allow advertisers, publishers, developers, and service providers to collaborate together in a decentralized environment that optimizes the matching process between supply (advertisers) and demand (developers).  It is created to support the acquisition of valid traffic, thwart invalid traffic, and achieve maximal target-acquisition.

Adrealm Core Principles 

Adrealm has three main key principles: Minimization, Iteration, and Decentralization for Business.

Minimization: Privacy of data has become one of the most precious things anyone could fight for or fear to lose. For this reason, no third-party entities will be added to any of the layers unless it is deemed necessary.

Iteration: Flexibility is the greatest form of strength, especially in regard to technology. Since blockchain technology is still in its nascent stage, Adrealm holds continuous reiteration in high-regard, in order to ensure reliable support for business purposes.

Decentralization: The Adrealm public chain is a fully decentralized system in which no third-party has the power to achieve a monopoly on data. 

What is it all for?

For Business. The Adrealm team believes that blockchain technology can serve one of the oldest and most paramount of human interests: value-creation through creative and commercial activity.  Adrealm is more than smart adtech. It is wise adtech.

Adrealm Public Chain Architecture

The Adrealm public chain is part of a unique three-layer structure: an on-chain layer (blockchain), off-chain layer, and service layer. While all actors meet on the blockchain, only those who are closely involved in a specific transaction can move to the off-chain layer, where the transaction enters the execution mode and smart contracts can be edited. Once the transaction is ready to be completed, data are uploaded back onto the blockchain. In this way, the ecosystem ensures the speed of transactions, low costs, high concurrency capability, and use of big data. Given the large number of participants and the massive amount of data involved in digital advertising, a layered approach is required for the decoupling and multiplexing necessary to reinvent the industry.

Adrealm Consensus Mechanism PoVT

Because the Adrealm puts business first, we’ve created what our engineers have designated a business incentive-oriented consensus mechanism. This is a new type of consensus mechanism — and we’ve learned a lot from studying and critically evaluating existing and hypothetical consensus protocols. The one we have created is different. It does not exist solely for the sake of allowing opportunities to mine (OtM). It was created to work for its users, in the context of advanced and forward-thinking adtech.

We’ve christened Adrealm public chain’s consensus mechanism Proof of Valid Traffic (PoVT), and it has little resemblance to Proof of Work and Proof of Stake consensus mechanisms. PoVT was designed to make high-quality and valid traffic the fundamental criteria for transactions in the Adrealm ecosystem. PoVT will be used for node votes, reputation ranking, community votes, and reward calculations.

The validity of traffic is assessed through a set of KPIs set by the advertiser, while the statistical compilation and judgement of its validity is completed by third-party data tracking and analytics service providers. Along with third-party service providers, the Adrealm team has developed its own DApp called Xhance, a blockchain-powered data tracking and analytics product.

Adrealm does not intend to take control of the public chain, nor of its ecosystem. The Adrealm project aims to restore ad-spend control and data to their real owners. Our ecosystem is truly an ecosystem, and PoVT works to nourish and sustain it. Our is an environment in which advertisers, developers and service providers can collaborate efficiently and transparently.

We’d like to add, too that the Adrealm team aims to transcend some mainstream concepts that have been attached to blockchain technology. One is that we prefer not to describe blockchain as “disruptive” technology, or part of a “disruptive revolution.” The knowledge, know-how, and wisdom accumulated during these past two decades are a springboard for the evolution of the digital advertising industry. We aim for the Adrealm ecosystem to help the industry break with bad practices, and move forward; there is indeed much about how we will do it that is original and innovative. But we are guided by principles and pragmatism, not by ideology.

The Adrealm team appreciates that, for many consumers, advertisements are at best necessary evils — unloved and typically unwelcome intrusions.  The number of critics and thought-leaders calling for the end of advertising tout court is a sign of how bad things have become. We believe that, with the help of the right technology, advertising can transcend itself to the point that users will welcome advertisements – not as invasive interferences – but as valued-information, or perhaps even as a form of entertainment or diversion.

Our mechanism for proving the validity of traffic, therefore, does more than providing better ROI for advertisers, or help rehabilitate the digital advertising industry. We are helping to save it.

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